Caroline McDougall

Virtual Counselling Sessions Offered By Psychotherapist Caroline McDougall While Melbourne Is In Lockdown

During the strict lockdown in Melbourne due to COVID-19, people can suffer from depression due to isolation, stress and relationship problems. Caroline McDougall, Counsellor & Psychotherapist, is here to help.

During the global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting strict lockdowns in Melbourne, as well as the border closures across Australia, the stress of prolonged isolation can wear people down emotionally. Many people are used to their work routines, hobbies and social interactions with others. Social interaction plays a major part in the mental state of people and now during lockdown, some may be completely isolated which can cause feelings of depression and anxiety. Others may be locked down with their housemates, family or significant other causing friction and stress that can quickly turn an otherwise healthy relationship unstable. Those having pre-existing mental health conditions are particularly vulnerable to the effects of prolonged isolation.

Caroline McDougall, Counsellor & Psychotherapist, is a highly trained and accredited professional with years of experience providing therapy for a wide range of people affected by grief, trauma, difficult relationships and mental health issues such as depression. During these tough times she is providing her services online to help those in need to endure the added stresses of isolation. She now offers her unique process-experiential emotion-focused therapy via Facetime at an affordable cost.

If you are struggling with social isolation, suffering from mental illness or just need to talk things through with a qualified professional, Caroline is available and happy to be of service virtually to the Melbourne community during this difficult and often confusing time.

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