Sometimes you just need your mom — no matter how old you are. Whether it’s calling her for a soothing phone conversation, turning to her advice on stress management, or enjoying a relaxing tradition that the two of you share, Mom can be that one person who reminds you that everything’s going to be okay. Her calming effect even has some science behind it: Research has found that hearing your mother’s voice on the phone has the same tension-busting impact as a good cuddle.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we invited our community and editors to share all the wonderful ways that their moms help them to calm down and unwind during times of stress. From mother-daughter spa dates to foolproof relaxation advice, here are the ways your mom helps you stay centered.

Tell us: How does your mom help you relax? What are her most relaxing words of wisdom? Tell us in the comments below, email, or tweet @HealthyLiving. We’ll feature your responses in the slideshow below!