When food and gardening are treated as if they’re nothing more than commodities, especially when control is placed in the hands of those whose sole interest is profits, then the people under such rule are living in total tyranny. That’s exactly what the EU is in the process of doing: handing the most basic of food rights, access to seeds, over to Agribusiness.

EU Taking Control of Seeds for Agribusiness Benefit

EU Flag of the Future (Photo by J. Neuberger with EU flag stars as barbs of barbed wire superimposed.)

There can be no greater tyranny than control of our food, and seeds are the basis of food. In a major move toward a totalitarian state, the European Union’s unelected Commission is taking over control of all seeds. This is, of course, being done in typically Orwellian manner. The document laying out their plans starts with the statement:

Seed and propagating material (S&PM) is a cornerstone input for agricultural production.
Therefore, ensuring the availability of seed and propagating material of sufficient quality is
crucial for the production of food and feed.[1]

They are insisting on the authority to register all seeds in the EU and to inspect and certify them. To this end, they have written 21 Directives on how they’re to be controlled. It’s fairly obvious to anyone who has followed modern legislation that the longer it is, the more obscure it is. The initial document quoted above takes 35 pages to summarize their intent.

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