An MD's Perspective On How To Avoid, Treat And Reverse Diabetes

Diabetes matters. One in three children born today is projected to develop the condition, based on current trends.[i] This condition already afflicts over a quarter of a billion people worldwide, including 25 million Americans. Within the U.S., insulin resistance and prediabetes (also known as metabolic syndrome and syndrome X) affect another 79 million adults.[ii] Accelerated rates of heart, vascular, and brain diseases, cancer, vision loss, impotence, and amputations are among diabetes-induced complications. Of every three people with diabetes, two will die early of heart disease or a stroke. Today, diabetes   is the major cause of heart disease & stroke as well as being the seventh most common cause of death ii  and yet, diabetes is both preventable and treatable, as detailed in this article. 

Diabetes epidemiology confirms that millions of people are overfed yet undernourished, overstimulated and underactive, overstressed and underadapted. Ironically, diabetes is “famine in the midst of feast.”

In essence, diabetes is a defect in converting blood sugar into energy. The defect in type 1 diabetes is due to a failure of insulin production by the pancreas, the endocrine gland that is also the source of digestive enzymes. In Type 2 diabetes, the defect is due to an abnormal response to insulin, in which the cells of the body are unable to take up the glucose they need for basic metabolic functions. This causes high levels of blood sugar that cannot be used effectively. In both types, impaired glucose uptake occurs, although the mechanisms are different.

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